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A Library of Images Tells the Story of Your Town.

Whether you’re a sleepy village or suddenly under the spotlight of an “America’s Prettiest Towns” ranking, having a library of prominent, captivating images can tell the story of your town.  And a good, experienced photographer can show, through pictures, not just what a place looks like, but what it feels like to be there.

Pictures are more than decorations.  They’re the spark that draws people to your amazing places.  They’re “shareable”, and crucial for boosting social media performance, improving SEO results and Google ranking.  And they’re a visual record of who you are, in this place, at this time.

Where You Go From Here:

To create a town “picture depository” that you can use for several years — in flyers, marketing documents and on websites, in multiple departments of your local government — we’ll agree on a consistent “look” for your town (clean?  energetic? natural? growing?).  With this in mind, we’ll work together to create a shot list that will feature the very best aspects of your town.

If your town changes throughout the year, with seasonal events or attractions, we’ll include those in the shot list and depository.

Some picture opportunities to consider include:

  • Your local delicacy.  Have a food that you can only get near you?
  • Trails. Bike and hiking trails attract visitors and elevate property values.  They also present a great opportunity for compelling pictures.
  • Schools, shops, restaurants.  Pictures in these venues show people together, interacting.  They can show your town’s diversity, energy, economic vitality.  Stylish food photographs do more than advertise a particular restaurant; they convey a cosmopolitan aspect of your economy (and they look great!).
  • Special events.  Annual events, like the All-Women’s Lifeguard Tournament (pictured here) in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, can be a source of bold images that are widely shared and that translate beautifully to the printed page.

Women lifeguards run along the beach at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, under a wide, clear blue sky.

A composer helps a student with his cello in a classroom crowded with books and computers. A library of images for a town can help promote its image, drawing residents, businesses and visitors.

(See examples at MyHarriman.com, MyTarrytown.com, TarrytownLakes.org)