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Location Photography Services

What can you expect from me?


I’m a location photographer, which means I deliver prominent, captivating images that tell the story of your town.

Maybe you’re a bustling tourism center, or a small town whose growth is catching up with you.  Or, you’re trying to appeal to future residents, or weekend visitors — or both.  Perhaps you have several departments within your local government who could make good use of a repository for images that feature the best aspects of your town and parks.

I’ll work with you to create a shot list for the story you’re trying to tell, and then I’ll make that story come alive through pictures, one frame at a time.

I keep in mind the end use of these pictures, so you have plenty of choice in wide, clean shots for dropping in text where needed, or detail pictures that “round out” a narrative.

I’ll take care of scheduling the shoots, working with the seasons, the light of both ends of the day.  I’ll arrange for all model releases (or hire models, if needed).

Whether for flyers, marketing documents, expanding civic engagement reach into social media platforms, or more tangible products, images — sometimes more than words — draw people to amazing places like yours.



What matters most is that I deliver pictures that tell the story of your place, featuring the very best aspects of your town or park, in a way that lets a potential visitor know not just what it looks like to be in your place, but — more importantly — what it feels like.

Often this is conveyed through a quality of light that can only be captured at the edge of darkness or the break of day.  It always involves becoming comfortable or familiar with the people of a place, or their environment.  It sometimes means hiking for a few hours, or spending the night in the woods, to bring back pictures from the heart of your parks.


Stan Brock, the founder of Remote Area Medical, stands in front of a World War II cargo plane in Wise, Virginia. Photo by Suzy Allman

The most powerful images present viewers not only with beauty, but also take an expected piece of information, a landscape, and give it an entirely new meaning. – Galen Rowell


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